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  Temporary living in an old neighbourhood of Leeuwarden
Oldegalileën is an old neighbourhood in the northeast of the city of Leeuwarden, walking distance 5 min. from the city centre, bordered by the waters of the Dokkumer Ee and Willem Sprenger Street. The name refers to the former monastery Galilea. The area is part of the district Oldegalileën-Bloemenbuurt.

In this old neighbourhood you will still find some characteristic workers' houses from the 19th century, situated on streets with names like "Eigen Brood Bovenal" ("It's best to earn your own bread"). Most houses in this area, however, were built at the beginning of the 20th century. In a period of urban renewal (1980-1990) many of the houses have been renovated or replaced by new ones.

The information on these pages concerns lodging house "De Boomspiegel", a block of three unique houses with bay windows, built in 1914. Furnished rooms are rented out by the owner/landlord, who also lives in the complex. A complete list of the options is on the page "details" (see above).

For maintenance of the houses original and / or environmentally friendly (building) materials are being used (as much as possible), such as, for example, the following types of paint:

Description   Product Website:
Interior painting : Aquamarijn natural paint since 1998 Aquamarijn
    sold in Damwoude by Schilderwerken Wyger Smits  
Exterior painting : Perkoleum pickling paint since 1986 P.K. Koopmans
    sold in Leeuwarden from among others:
- Hoyte v/d Wal
- De Verfmenger
Wood conservation  : De Cokerije Wood oil and wax products  De Cokerije
    sold in Meppel at Meubeluniek  
Energy supplier : Green power + green (CO2 neutral) gas Greenchoice
Power Peers
Financing : Loans from SNS Bank SNS Bank
Cable TV/Internet/Phone : Subscriptions at Ziggo Ziggo


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